my 1st helixHelix2

                       1st Helix                                                         2nd Helix


I built both helix using 1/8 inch thick Masonite cut into quarter-circle sections and then glued these sections together at 1/8th circle positions.I used standard wood glue and clamps for this process. I made a master from the Masonite to use for a pattern for the 4' x 8' sheets. This allows the Masonite to be 1/4 inch thick for the roadbed. Seems flimsy until you have it all put together and then the helix will be very sturdy. I glued the track down with standard caulk/adhesive (picture below). The helix levels are supported with 1/4 inch drill rod. See pictures for details of this process. I used a piece of 1/2 inch plywood for the base of the helix and used the center hole cutout to help make the patterns and to mark the track centers.

Click Here to view a clinic on how to build the helix



 Tools and Glue for the Track






















Make, Mark, and Glue the Individual Rings



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